Items listed here are common enough in the universe to be known and useful enough to certain characters to be mentioned. There are five main categories for Items: Armor, Weapons, Gear, Vehicles, and Autos.

Armor is any article of clothing or piece of equipment that is worn by a player. Armor is as varied as are people and can suit many different purposes for any given character. It is very much an extension of the individual wearing it, and as such can speak volumes of a person's character without a word being uttered.

Weapons are the tools used for combat or combat-related purposes. They can be agents of destruction as much as they can be sentinels of peace. Like any tool, they are varied in purpose and in the amount of skill necessary to wield them.

Gear are the odds and ends that makes a character whole. Gear is broad and covers everything from books of matches to laboratory suites. Not everything in the world can be listed, so consult your Game Master on anything not covered here.

Vehicles are the language you use to communicate to the world around you. Whether it rolls or flies, a vehicle anything which takes people or things from one place to another. 


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